What is the 918Kiss APK?

The 918Kiss APK is the mobile application of 918Kiss Casino Online for Android devices. There is also an iOS version available for users with Apple devices. The increasing demand and popularity of the website gave rise to the mobile application. Online casino games are a great way to release stress and make money at the same time. Fans of online casino used to play using their desktop. However, this method possessed limitation as the players were not able to play the games elsewhere. As such, the existence of mobile applications will provide gamers with the convenience of accessing the games anytime, anywhere. Malaysia has a larger number of Android users compared to Apple users. The app allows Android users in Malaysia to experience the convenience of online casino. The iOS version caters to the Apple users in Malaysia, although they are not many of them.

Why choose the 918Kiss APK

Gamers have long relied on the use of PC to play online casino games. The existence of online casino games allows users to detach from the everyday stresses of life. You also stand a chance to win money aside from relieving stress. There are users who have also earned tons of money on top of their regular income. The 918Kiss app gives you the pleasure and thrill of betting no matter where you are. So, you get to release stress or make money, whichever you prefer, right at your fingertips. The app offers the same variety of games as the original website. Thus, you can be sure that all your gaming needs are met because you will be spoilt for choice. The convenience offered by the app is also a great plus point, as you get play anytime, anywhere.

You can download and use the 918Kiss apk by using a smartphone and internet connection. You will be able to play your favourite games anytime, when you are on a shot break or on a vacation. The convenience gives you the chance of to win big money anytime you feel like testing your luck as well. You will also never fall short of choices nor fee bored because the app offers more than 180 games.  You stand higher chances of winning because the platform offers higher winning odds than other similar websites. Live chat is available 24/7 so you can always ask for their assistance in discovering the hottest games on trend. They may even provide you with some tips to win more with your betting amount. You can tip them to ensure you receive better strategies the next time.  

918Kiss – Member

To benefit from 918Kiss’s promotions and bonuses, its best to register as a member once you download the app. You can also first register on trial mode on the same app, known as 918Kiss Test. Once you register for the trial account, you will receive about 1900 credits. Since it doesn’t involve real money, you can bet huge amounts of credit to gain the experience needed. Also, the amount of credit available in trial mode in unlimited thus you can always request for more. Once you feel confident enough to play using real money, you can become a club member. Even then, you will be given free RM100 welcome bonus as free credit to play. As you play, there will be various other bonuses and promotions for you to choose from. Thus, you will always stand a chance to win large sums of money without spending too much.

918Kiss- Agent

If you wish to earn extra aside from betting, you can become an agent. 918Kiss has been growing exponentially thus it is constantly in search of agents to serve its growing number of members. The pre-requirement is that you must a be a member first. If you wish to become an agent, you can contact the live chat team and provide your personal details. You will receive an agent ID and password upon registration. 918Kiss Kiosk is a separate portal available for agents. It is only accessible by gents and not regular members. You may access this portal using the agent ID and password given earlier by the live chat team. The separate portal allows agents to serve the players better. As an agent, you will be able to earn extra money though commission.

If you become an agent, it does not mean you need to stop playing. You can still be an active member that plays the casino games using the membership. You have the flexibility to be both a member and agent to double your earnings. As an agent, you can login into the 918Kiss Kiosk which is the special portal for agents. Once you login using agent ID, you can start managing players under you through the creation of player accounts. You may obtain the players by requesting close friends to play at first. From there, you can encourage them to find more players. You will have access to monitor the players, suspend them if necessary and many more. As your players win, you will earn you respective commission.


The 918Kiss APK has the potential to boost your income whether u choose to be a member or agent. You can earn money at anytime, anywhere due to the convenience and flexibility the app provides. So, what are you waiting for? Head on to the official website and download the app now!


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