918Kiss PC Download Available?

We at 918Kiss receive a lot of inquiries regarding the 918Kiss PC Download links. The number of inquiries spiked recently after we released our new line of promotions. Unfortunately for our loyal players, we are unable to release the 918Kiss PC Download links just yet. It is not because we do not want to. It is simply because we are not ready just yet. We currently cater to the mobile player base, on both iOS and Android devices. However, the desktop computer versions are proving to be a bit more challenging. The main challenges involve the huge amounts of coding involve as well as migrating all the necessary data from the servers onto the 918Kiss PC Download version. We have made some progress in terms of the coding but occasional bugs and errors do crop up from time to time.

As a result, most of our progress on the 918Kiss PC Download links has suffered. Nevertheless, we at 918Kiss are consistently striving to deliver high quality service and user experience to all our players. We regret to inform that the 918Kiss PC Download links will not be available in the near future. However, rest assured that we do intend to release the PC version at a later date. We cannot put a definite timeline yet. Moreover, we will continue to provide updates on the 918Kiss PC Download links on a more regular basis.

Are there any alternatives?

We at 918Kiss understand all your frustration and stress due to the unavailability of the 918Kiss PC Download links. This is a mere temporary setback. We definitely intend to release a genuine PC version of the 918Kiss Online Casino sometime in the future. So, is there an alternative method to play the 918Kiss on your desktop computer? Well, you are in a luck. The answer is a big YES! We do have an alternative method to playing the 918Kiss online casino on your desktop computer. Do remember that this is merely a temporary measure. We can use this method while waiting for the original 918Kiss PC Download links to be released!

Using an emulator tool

Players who wish to play the 918Kiss online casino on their desktop computer must first download an emulator. The emulator functions as a software that enables your personal computer to run smart phone applications. The emulator does this via bypassing the coding on the application to make it compatible on the personal computer. There are actually many emulators on the internet which provides this function. Nevertheless, we highly recommend all players to download the emulator BlueStacks. Simply Google search “BlueStacks” for the download links. So you can try this method while waiting for the 918Kiss PC Download links. The best feature of BlueStacks is that it is a free emulator. So you do not need to pay a single cent.

After you download the emulator, simply run the programme to install it. The installation process should be quick and straightforward. The BlueStacks emulator works best for Android APK version of the 918Kiss online casino. Therefore, you will need to download the Android version of the 918Kiss online casino as well. Once you completed the BlueStacks installation and downloaded the APK file, you will need to import the APK file into the BlueStacks emulator. You have to do this step in order to install the 918Kiss online casino software on your personal computer. You will be able to enjoy the wonders of 918Kiss online casino once the installation is complete! There is a limitation to this method though. Players need to maintain the BlueStacks emulator at all times in order to play 918Kiss online casino on their computer.

Do you have questions?

We bet you have questions. So, we will do our best to answer all of them here. Firstly, do note that your account remains intact even if you play on the desktop computer. The whole account information including your credits will still be the same if you play on the computer. In addition, you will still be able to withdraw your winnings or deposit more funds into your account while playing on the computer. No worries there! Lastly, we understand that some of you are concerned about the promotions. Well, do not worry as promotions are valid account wide. Therefore, players who play on their mobile devices or on their desktops will still be eligible for all the promotions!

918Kiss PC Download – Will It Happen?

We acknowledge the fact that using an emulator to play the 918Kiss online casino on a computer is merely a work around. It is not a permanent solution! Yes, we completely agree to that. We completely understand that everyone is quite disappointed at this juncture. We know that all of you have been crying for the 918Kiss PC Download links. We can simply reassure all of you that it will take a bit more time. Please be patient with us and we will definitely make it worth your wait.

We actually intend to open up the 918Kiss PC Download beta version one day. This is to allow players to test out the game and report any bugs that may occur. More beta testers equal to more bugs reported. This will directly improve our coding and thus reduces the time for completion! We will post this up when we are ready. We will need the community to make the 918Kiss PC Download links a reality! So stay tuned!


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