918KISS Replacing SCR888

It’s been nearly half a year, since 918KISS being used to replace the old SCR888. Like it or not, SCR888 has long gone. So, it’s really important for you to learn more about 918KISS.

Actually, it’s not that difficult to pick it up. Both brands are carrying exactly the same things. Brand logo might be the only difference between the two.

Nonetheless, some of the players do not know how to login to the new 918KISS. This doesn’t really make any sense to me. I guess it could be the new game graphic that might be confusing all the players.

Anyhow, we’re gonna teach you how to properly play 918KISS slot games from A-Z. Let’s check out the tutorial below.

Download 918KISS on Your Smartphones

Downloading the games is always the first step you gotta complete before moving on. The question is, how do you download from the official download source to avoid any fake game version?

You’re very lucky today. Most of the people do not know which are the official download links for 918KISS. We’ve done our thorough investigation to find out those links. Here you go:




The third link is actually the official download source for the old SCR888. Not too sure, but believe the company has also updated its download file into the new 918KISS game file. If that link doesn’t work, you can always contact its 918KISS LiveChat on site to find out more. Otherwise, you gotta use the first and the second link to download.

Wondering how to complete 918KISS download? No worries, just refer to the step-by-step installation guide as written on the download sites. It’s pretty simple and straightforward.

We’re also considering about writing a full-detailed download guide in the near future. Remember to stay-tuned to our updates to find out more about 918KISS.

Well, 918KISS slot games are available on both Android APK and iOS versions. This is quite convenient for most players.

However, those who are using Window operating system in their smartphones might not be able to play the games in smartphones. Although this is rare, but some Malaysians do use Window mobile operating system. Under this scenario, you need to deploy 3rd party software – Android APK Simulator to run such games in your phone.

Getting Free 918KISS Game ID

Now you’ve completed 918KISS download. The next thing you gotta do is to request for a authentic game ID. But where to get it?

There are many 918KISS agents in Malaysia providing free game ID. Once you get the ID from one agent, then he or she will be the one who handle all your deposit and withdrawal requests.

As such, it’s very crucial to get a trustworthy agent to avoid fraudulent cases. You don’t wanna play with an agent who refuses to pay you when there is a big win.

Also, please keep in mind there are no charges at all for 918KISS game ID. Do not pay if anyone asks you for money.

There are a few agents that you can trust with. Especially those large-sized online casino gambling site on the first page of Google for quite some time. They uphold trustworthiness as their priority to serve players.

918KISS Login on Smartphones

You’ve downloaded 918KISS game application, and you have got yourself a free game ID. What you need to do next? Login to the game and enjoy playing!

You will see the following login page when you first launch 918KISS mobile slot game application. Just enter your game ID and password to pass the validation step:

SCR888 Download 918KISS Login

After that, you will see the apps is loading. Just wait for a short moment, it takes a little bit longer when you first log in to the game:

SCR888 Download 918KISS Loading

Finally, you’re now at the game lobby of 918KISS Malaysia. As you can see, there is more than 150 slot games for selection. It might be a little bit troublesome if you’ve newly downloaded 918KISS. This is because you would need to download the patch file for every single game before you can start playing.

SCR888 Download 918KISS Game Lobby

It won’t take too long, just a little bit of your precious time. Is it long if you knew you were going to win big from the games? Not at all right?! Hahaha!

Above is how you can properly play 918KISS slot games. There are a lot more tips and tricks that can help you win more from 918KISS. We will even share with you how to hack the games.

Many ask about the same question: why are there many game versions of 918KISS in Malaysia? Which one should I actually choose to play?

Well, lots of them are actually fake version. We’re not gonna talk much about it here. If you wanna find out more, you may refer to this useful article: SCR888, 918KISS, SCR2, ad MEGA888. From there, you may find out what are the major differences between the original version as well as the fake version.


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