918Kiss 2 – The Rise of Another Great Slot Game

Welcome 918Kiss 2, Say Goodbye to 918Kiss

Before 918Kiss 2, let us put our hats down for the 918Kiss. Hate to say this,  but it’s time for us to say goodbye to the infamous 918Kiss. This could be possibly be the end of it.

In August 2019, there were countless reports saying that they couldn’t play 918Kiss mobile slot games. Be it Android or IOS smartphones.

At first, most of the 918Kiss casino agents said it was due to server maintenance which should be resumed very soon. However, it has not recovered until today.

It’s pretty obvious that its game server has been shut down, probably by the local authority. There have been some unofficial rumours that the Malaysian government has been closely monitoring 918Kiss company since then.

We think this is the time to say goodbye to 918Kiss, one of the greatest mobile slot game of all time in Malaysia. It has brought a lot of fun and joy to the local slot game players. Nonetheless, it might be too early to get upset.

Other Slot Game Brands in Play

After the shutdown of 918Kiss, there have been several slot game brands in the market wanting to become the market leader. 918Kiss 2 is considered currently the most closest successor after 918Kiss. It has completely duplicated the art of slot game from the original 918Kiss.

MEGA888 has been doing pretty well as well. Based on some of the reliable data from Google Trend, it seems to be the most played mobile slot game in Malaysia now:

Google Trend MEGA888, 918Kiss 2, PUSSY888 and XE88
Google Trend MEGA888, 918Kiss 2, PUSSY888 and XE88

Nevertheless, we believe that 918Kiss 2 will be catching up very soon. This is mainly due to the high similarity in terms of slot game design from the original version.

The Rise of 918Kiss 2

Let’s just say if our assumption turns into reality, 918Kiss 2 will most likely become the next market leader in the Malaysian slot game industry. There is always a market leader, always.

Given the prohibition of gambling activity in Malaysia as stipulated by the local authority, we believe that online gambling industry will continue to grow significantly over the next few years.

Stay tuned to our blog posts to find out more about it!


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