918Kiss Malaysia Server Down – Secret Tips to Solve Problems

918Kiss Malaysia Game Server Down

This is not the first time that 918Kiss Malaysia game server is down, but I suppose it should be the longest of all time if i’m not mistaken. The first complaint we received from player was on 17/09/2019 12:05am. It has been BLOODY 4 DAYS! How could we live without playing 918Kiss????

Calm down bro. I think we should look at this unexpected issue more rationally. This is why some of our online slot game experts have conducted some experiments to tackle this issue for the sake of everyone. Yes, we are doing it for charity 🙂

Hopefully, you will get some basic ideas how to handle the game-server-down situation if you are a big fan of 918Kiss. Here you go.

There is NO PROBLEM AT ALL When Doing 918Kiss Login

Let’s start from 918Kiss login. Just for your information, we’re gonna go through this step by step to ensure that you would have a better understanding about what’s happening back then.

918Kiss Malaysia Game Server Down - 918Kiss Login

As per above is the normal 918Kiss login page we usually visit. This is where we enter our user name and password before we can play the slot games. To make sure that everything is new and fresh, I had just requested a new 918Kiss game account from my 918Kiss agent to check this step.

Well, out of my expectation, it turns out to be good! Who say 918Kiss Malaysia game server is down?

918Kiss Malaysia Game Server Down Menu

See, we are now at the 918Kiss game menu. Nothing goes wrong from what I see. Can you spot any problem? I doubt so. Everything just looks fine.

Anyway, the entire market has been talking about game server down for these few days. Let’s just dig deeper to investigate further.

As usual, I have chosen my favourite game of all time – Ocean King, to run the testing. Since I’ve just downloaded the latest version of 918Kiss to run this test, I took me a while to update the game information of Ocean King. About 30 seconds later, I had successfully entered Ocean King as per picture below:

918Kiss Malaysia Game Server Down - Ocean King

What the. Who the hell has been talking about game server down in 918Kiss? Everything works perfectly! I was so pissed off because the whole testing process took me about half an hour. It is such a waste of time!!!

Wait, wait a minute. My mum always said “Do not make judgement too early”. I haven’t even started playing the game. But my score was zero. I was gonna ask my 918Kiss agent to top up for me.

Unfortunately, my agent said they are unable to top up for me due to game server down issue. Could it be the case? I didn’t even see any problem and it was so smooth all the way from I logging in to the game! Yes, I was furious. Then my agent showed me this screenshot:

918Kiss Agent Unable to Top Up Score

FINALLY, THIS IS THE PROBLEM!!! 918Kiss agent is not able to top up score for players. This is why the market has been talking about operational failure in 918Kiss.

Secret Tips to Solve Problems

Fortunately, my 918Kiss agent is kind enough to provide me with some solutions. There are few possible ways you can do when 918Kiss Malaysia game server is down:

  • Register yourself in the waiting list with the official 918Kiss Agent page. You will be informed immediately once 918Kiss game server is resumed. Moreover, you might even get FREE 918KISS ANG POW if you are lucky enough!
  • Switch to other mobile slot games Malaysia such as Mega888 or Pussy888. Unfortunately, latest report shows that both these games are also facing difficulties in game server too.
  • Study some of the best strategic materials to find out how to properly play 918Kiss slot games. You will probably become one of the top experts when the game is back!
  • QUIT GAMBLING! which is good for you :p

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