Official Launch of 918KISS to Replace SCR888

It was officially announced on 5th January 2018 that SCR888 company has launched another new brand – 918KISS, to replace the old SCR888 in 2018. It was a great shock to everyone in Malaysia. Nonetheless, we would like to be the first to give you some insights about what’s happening in 918KISS.

As said, its winning payout will remain as high as SCR888, or even higher. This would be great news to all SCR888 fans since some of them have been depending on SCR888 for living.

Why not we start from some of the top mobile slot games offered by 918KISS, so that everyone would know what to play in the new slot game brand? Below are the top 5 mobile slot games in 918KISS:

  1. 918KISS Wukong

SCR888 Download 918KISS Wukong

I believe most of you know what is Wukong. It’s one of the most played mobile slot games in Malaysia. It’s ranked as the No.5 best mobile slot games in 918KISS given its high popularity and increasing demand. Initially, people play Wukong in illegal gambling dens due to its multiplayer mode, which give players much more fun while all players can get to play together.

Today, most of the online gamblers play Wukong on smartphones. The trend has changed. Plus, winning payout is even higher in mobile version compared to arcade game version.

2. 918KISS Robin Hood

SCR888 Download 918KISS Robin Hood

Robin Hood is not a common game that you would usually see in other slot game product. It’s considered one of the most special mobile slot game in SCR888. It’s now available in 918KISS also. Why people love to play Robin Hood? It offers one of the most number of free bonus games amongst others.

On average, 7 out of 10 players are able to win from Robin Hood. This is provided that you don’t bet irrationally. If players follow the tips given by, they should be able to make quick profits from this game.

3. 918KISS Roulette

SCR888 Download 918KISS Roulette

There are few roulette casino games in 918KISS, such as Roulette 12, Roulette 24, and Roulette 72. As the No.3 best mobile slot game in 918KISS, I personally prefer to play Roulette 12 over others. Why? Much simpler, faster to bet, and easier to win.

All of these roulette casino games in 918KISS are designed on the back of exactly the same payout engine. In short, there is no difference of playing any of these games. Nevertheless, I recently realized that there are more people favoured over Roulette 12 given its simplicity in terms of game design. Remember, the higher is the total bet in game, the easier is to win from this game. Based on my personal betting history report, Roulette 12 tends to pay higher and more often than other roulette casino games in 918KISS.

4. Bonus Bears

Bonus Bears was once the most played slot game in Malaysia. It has high quality slot gaming interface, stable winning payout as well as frequent free bonus game payout. This is few of the factors why people love to play this game.

In 918KISS, the only difference from Bonus Bears in Playtech is that, Bonus Bears in 918KISS offers even higher winning payout that usual to attract players. That means, no matter how much you bet, you can always win from the slot games.

5. Ocean King

SCR888 Download 918KISS Ocean King

I gotta say, Ocean King should be the easiest-to-win mobile slot game in 918KISS. Back to the old times in SCR888, some online casino agents even banned players from playing this game due to its non-stop winning payout. Some people suspect there is some kind of malfunction in the payout algorithms of Ocean King. SCR888 headquarter refused to comment on this.

It remains top the list that online casino operators would like to blacklist. Nowadays, it’s kind of difficult to get access to Ocean King as many of the SCR888 online casino agents prohibit from playing this game. I wish 918KISS online casino agent would allow players to bet, and that would be our time to win some big fat cash from 918KISS App!

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