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How to Claim MEGA888 Free Credit?

How to Claim MEGA888 Free Credit in 2021 This year, many people are still asking the same question that comes out almost every year: How to claim MEGA888 free credit in the easiest way? As one of the most prominent online gambling advisors in Malaysia, we’ve decided to write an […]

Playing MEGA888 Helps People Fighting Covid19

Playing MEGA888 Helps People Getting Through Covid19 Playing MEGA888 is really really important. Especially from 2020 to 2021 during the global pandemic. It’s an undeniable fact. But why is that so? Imagine without MEGA888 during the lockdown period. What are you gonna do? Work? How can you focus with kids […]

How to Download MEGA888 APK in 2021?

MEGA888 APK 2021 Has Been Introduced! MEGA888 APK 2021 is official launched on 12 January 2021! It’s indeed a great news to all MEGA888 loyal fans in Malaysia. I can only said that MEGA888 never disappoint us all this while! What can we expect for the new MEGA888 APK in […]

MEGA888 2021 – What Can You Expect?

MEGA888 2021 – The Rise of New King MEGA888 2021 is just gonna be great in the year ahead. Just like many people in the market, we predict MEGA888 to become the No.1 mobile slot game in Malaysia. 918KISS will be replaced forever. What does it mean to be the […]

MEGA888 – Download, Register, and Play

MEGA888 – The Next No.1 Mobile Slot Game in Malaysia MEGA888 is forecasted to be the next top mobile slot game in Malaysia, after 918KISS. There was a poll, performed by the Malaysian Online Casino Association, to vote for the best mobile slot game in Malaysia. Surprisingly, MEGA888 has won […]

MEGA888 is Back!

MEGA888 is Back! MEGA888 is back?? What?? Are you kidding me? Well, it couldn’t be more real. The infamous slot game brand has resumed its operation since 3rd October 2019, sometime around 8pm. It was a huge shock to everyone in Malaysia, while most of us thought it has been […]