How to Download MEGA888 APK in 2021?

MEGA888 APK 2021 Has Been Introduced!

MEGA888 APK 2021 is official launched on 12 January 2021! It’s indeed a great news to all MEGA888 loyal fans in Malaysia. I can only said that MEGA888 never disappoint us all this while!

MEGA888 APK 2021 Has Been Introduced
MEGA888 APK 2021 Has Been Introduced

What can we expect for the new MEGA888 APK in 2021? Although official announcement has not been made on MEGA888 official agent’s site, we did contact the founder of MEGA888 – Michael Tan for more information. According to Michael, we can expect:

  • A smoother user experience playing MEGA888 on Android smartphone
  • Slightly higher winning payout for Android APK players
  • More stable game server with lesser system maintenance in 2021

Wow! It seems like MEGA888 headquarter has upgraded its Android APK version to a certain degree. This really marks another great milestone for MEGA888!

Having said that, how do we know if what we’re playing is the 2021 version?

Check If You’re Playing the MEG888 APK 2021 Version

As a matter of fact, there are few ways you can check if you’re playing the latest version. You may try to login with MEGA888 Test ID. If you are able to login with Test ID, means that your game version is not the 2021 version. As of now, the latest version has not integrated test game ID into system. Try to download MEGA888 APK again to see if there is failure logging to the game.

Check If You are Playing the MEG888 APK 2021 Version
Check If You are Playing the MEG888 APK 2021 Version

Alternatively, you may also check with your online casino agent to see if your game version is the latest one. Each of the official MEGA888 agent is given access to a centralised system, which will tell if the game version you’re playing now is the latest one.

If you agents tells you that they’re not able to check, you gotta be aware. They might not be the official online casino agent authorised by MEGA888 headquarter.

Besides, your game version might be the older one if you feel that winning payout is still the same as before. As mentioned above, winning payout for the 2021 version has been slightly adjusted upward. That can make a huge difference for big time players if they place huge bet. So, pay more attention to your gambling return.

How to Download MEGA888 APK in 2021

There are many websites on the internet allow you to download MEGA888 APK. Unfortunately, many of them are phishing sites that will expose you to great cyber security risks. Some of them even hack into your MEGA888 game ID and try to maximise your losses!

In fact, they’re only a few safe and secured download sites that you can get MEGA888 APK 2021 version. One of these sites is This site was launched by MEGA888 headquarter in the year of 2020, in response to the fact that there are way too many fake download sites in the market. One of the purposes is to raise awareness amongst MEGA888 players.

How to Download MEGA888 APK in 2021
How to Download MEGA888 APK in 2021

Of course, you can also download MEGA888 APK from other so-called “fake download sites”. Nonetheless, MEGA888 will not take responsibility if your smartphone is hacked, or some unexpected errors occurring in your game account.

Besides, there are few things you must take into consideration before downloading MEGA888 APK:

  • make sure you’re using Android phone to download. DO NOT USE iPHONE TO DOWNLOAD
  • make sure your Android operating system is up to date.
  • connect your phone with WIFI to avoid high mobile data charges
  • with sufficient battery level. You don’t want your download process to crash halfway

After successfully downloading the 2021 game version, you can try to experience the slot games and see if it’s the 2021 version.

Why Do We Play MEGA888 APK 2021?

Some people might be asking, why should we play MEGA888 APK 2021? Why not just play MEGA888 iOS, MEGA888 APK 2020 or even older version? From our point of view, we think there is only benefits but no harms at all to play the latest version. There are also many valid reasons why we should play the 2021 version:

  • If you’re using Android phone, you can only play MEGA888 APK but not MEGA888 iOS
  • Most of the time, older game version might not get the latest updates. That means, you might miss new slot games launched by MEGA888 with older game version.
  • You may enjoy slightly higher winning payout with the latest version. I mean, who doesn’t want to win more?
  • You will experience much lesser game crashes with the latest game version
  • Some of the online betting strategies are only compatible with the latest game version. It will limit your availability to deploy betting strategies without MEGA888 APK 2021.



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