How to Claim MEGA888 Free Credit?

How to Claim MEGA888 Free Credit in 2021

This year, many people are still asking the same question that comes out almost every year: How to claim MEGA888 free credit in the easiest way?

As one of the most prominent online gambling advisors in Malaysia, we’ve decided to write an article guiding our readers how to do that for free. Very frequent, a lot of new MEGA888 players still have no idea how to claim free credit.

How to Claim MEGA888 Free Credit in 2021
How to Claim MEGA888 Free Credit in 2021

As of 10 March 2021, there have also been some updates about claiming free credit. We hope to offer all our readers the most up-to-date information in getting MEGA888 free credit. This would definitely help a lot of players to maximise their chances to win given bigger betting capital.

Not only “how”, but we will also look at “why” and “what would possibly happen”. Most of the time, people don’t usually reveal the secrets behind MEGA888 free credit. In fact, there are much more secrets in the background that people don’t usually tell you.

Some of the Easiest Ways to Claim MEGA888 Free Credit in 2021

2021 is definitely not gonna be the same compared to the previous years. The termination of 918KISS, rising of MEGA888, as well as the debuts of many other online gambling products in Malaysia.

Nevertheless, claiming free credit to bet is still one of the most traditional ways for gamblers to win more from online casino games in Malaysia. We expect it continues to be one of the hottest topics in the market for the next few years. The question is, how do we actually claim it?

Some of the Easiest Ways to Claim MEGA888 Free Credit in 2021
Some of the Easiest Ways to Claim MEGA888 Free Credit in 2021

Obviously, there is no official kiosk that we can just walk in and drop our request for MEGA888 free credit. All we can do is through internet. As we all know, MEGA888 is an online casino product that is played only on mobile devices. Who should we look for? How do we get it?

Now, let us look at some of the easiest ways to claim MEGA888 free credit in 2021:

  • register a new player account with online casino Malaysia, then request for first-timer free credit with customer service officers.
  • pay more attentions to online gambling related advertisements on Facebook or Google. Very often, online casino operators offer MEGA888 free credit unconditionally, from time to time.
  • try to become VIP member of any trusted online casino company. Online casino operators usually give MEGA888 free credit to their VIP players once in a while for customer retention.
  • you may also try to make a minimum deposit in exchange for a certain percentage of MEGA888 free credit from the online casino service provider. They usually call this “online casino free bonus”. This would help to increase your betting capital as well.
  • participate in festival campaigns organised by online casino companies in Malaysia. Some of them offers lucky draw, lucky spins, or many other promotional marketing campaigns to raise branding awareness. Anyone would stand a chance to win MEGA888 free credit from these campaigns.

It’s not as hard as you imagine to do any of the above steps. It just requires a little effort with determination. That’s because you might get an online casino that’s willing to give you free credit at the very beginning. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure you can certainly get one few hours down the road, if keep doing research on the internet.

Just bear in mind it’s free credit, and most of the time you don’t even need to pay anything to get it. It’s like doing business at no cost. Who doesn’t want it?

Why Gamblers Love to Play with Free Credit?

Like I mentioned just now, it’s free anyway. People definitely love something that is free. Of course, there are more reasons why people love to gamble with free credit.

First of all, it largely increases your chances to win. Let’s put it this way. If you start betting with a total capital of RM1,000. RM10 per spin would end up giving you chances to spin for 100 times. Just assume you win approximately once every 10 spins. As a result, you might win 10 times based on the figures given above.

What if you’re offered with another RM1,000 free credit to bet? Your chances to win would be doubled to 20 times from the previous 10 times. This is significant! At the same time, it also increases your chances to get free bonus spins at twice the previous probability!

On the other hand, betting with free credit could put you under a very healthy mental condition. The free credit is not your money anyway. You won’t feel as stressed as betting with your own money. As such, it will definitely lead to more rational decision-making process. You lose nothing at the end of the day.

Last but not least, there are a lot of local entrepreneurs in Malaysia who have made their fortune through betting with MEGA888 free credit. Including the founder of MEGA888 – Michael Tan See Foong. Of course not MEGA888. Michael Tan made a lot of profits from betting with 918KISS free credit.

As you can see, it’s not just free credit. It could be the ultimate key for you to enter the world of the riches. You may also make use of these free credits to train your online gambling skills at zero cost. Once you believe you’ve already mastered online gambling, then you should start gambling with your own money to maximise your return over the long-term.

What Would Happen If You Keep Claiming Free Credit?

Most of the time, the online casino company might possibly reject your request for MEGA888 free credit, if you keep asking for it. On a more common basis, it’s okay to request for two to three times within a year. Anything more than that would be considered a bit too much.

Nonetheless, there is also a group of people in the market, targeting to play MEGA888 with free credit only. These people are called “free rider”. They usually target new online casino companies, as the latter is usually more willing to give free credit as compared to other reputable online casino companies.

Free riders usually moves like wolf pack. They have their own Facebook group, Whatsapp group, and also Telegram Group, informing each other which online casino company is now offering MEGA888 free credit.

The logic behind this is the fact that you can’t always request free credit from the same company, but you can do this continuously to different online casino companies in the market. Their database is usually separated, and they won’t have any idea that you’ve already claimed so many times with other online casino companies.

This is how free riders survive. They’re basically betting with zero cost. The downside of this is that you can’t always be so lucky to claim free credit on a daily basis. Sometimes, you might get rejected fro 100 times while no company is giving you free credit. What you gotta do on that particular day, is to stay disciplined. Do not deposit with your own money. Keep searching for other online casino company that might potentially give you free credit.

Meanwhile, we suggest players to claim MEGA888 APK free credit instead of MEGA888 iOS version. This is because MEGA888 APK is apparently much more popular than MEGA888 iOS, while the available quota of free credit being assigned to it is also much larger. In a nutshell, it’s easier for you to claim free credit for MEGA888 APK.




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