MEGA888 2021 – What Can You Expect?

MEGA888 2021 – The Rise of New King

MEGA888 2021 is just gonna be great in the year ahead. Just like many people in the market, we predict MEGA888 to become the No.1 mobile slot game in Malaysia. 918KISS will be replaced forever.

What does it mean to be the No.1 mobile slot game? It will own the most number of active players, also the most number of slot games for selection. You will hear about the brand in almost anywhere in Malaysia. Everyone will be playing the game.

MEGA888 2021- The Rise of New King
MEGA888 2021- The Rise of New King

As part of the tradition in the local online casino industry, one slot game brand will be selected as the The Best Mobile Slot Game Brand in Malaysia by the Malaysia Online Casino Association, on an annual basis. We, including many of the industry experts, all forecast that this award will be offered to MEGA888 in 2021. If that happens, it will break the longest record that 918KISS has achieved in the past for a consecutive 5 years.

As far as we know, MEGA888 has also expanded its footprints in other South East Asia countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. With the temporary (or even permanent) absence of 918KISS, this appears to be a rare opportunity for MEGA888 to conquer market share.

With strong connection in these countries, we strongly believe MEGA888 will likely become the most played mobile slot game in South East Asia, a truly international slot game brand. In view of its continuous success in the local online casino industry, we had arranged a private interview with Michael Tan – the founder of MEGA888, to discuss about the future direction in 2021.

Consistent Winning Payout in 2021

According to Michael, MEGA888’s winning payout will remain consistent in the year ahead. This has denied the speculation made by some of the industry experts, claiming that winning payout will slightly reduce given its near-monopolistic status in the local online casino industry. Michael further guaranteed that anything below 70% will be a shame to MEGA888. He won’t allow this kind of thing to happen.

MEGA888 2021 Winning Payout
MEGA888 2021 Winning Payout

What does it mean to all players in Malaysia? You will continue to win tons of profits from the game! Hooray!

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that you can just simply win without doing homework. Certain online betting strategies need to be deployed in order to enjoy that kind of winning rate. This is why a lot of people have been spending large chunk of their time studying our blog posts.

Well, there are some attributes you must establish before winning consistently from MEGA888:

  • be familiar with all kind of online betting strategies
  • follow up closely on the latest development in MEGA888
  • strategic planning on your betting capital
  • regular training to maintain skillset
  • maintain solid relationship with online casino agent to retrieve reliable market news

I would say 2021 is gonna be a big year for MEGA888, the only question is: are you well prepared for that?

More Slot Games in the Pipeline?

Today, there are more than 200 mobile slot games for selection in MEGA888. It has already the most number of slot games in the market. Nevertheless, some industry experts speculate that more will be coming in 2021. Could that happen?

Well, I would say the chances are very high. What did Michael Tan say? Regarding the question, he remained silent with a smile. We all understood that this is regarded as business secret. Brand owner usually would talk much until the new slot game is launched into the market. This is to avoid game idea being stolen by the competitors.

More Slot Games for MEGA888 2021
More Slot Games for MEGA888 2021

Notwithstanding the above, we predict there will be at least 50 slot games added into MEGA888’s game lobby in the year of 2021. There is no slot game company in the globe would stop designing new slot game, unless the company is shutting down its business. More slot games are needed to freshen up players’ mindset. Otherwise players would be bored with the same slot game selection.

In terms of the new slot game addition, we forecast that 50% will be mainly focused on 20-lines slot game, 30% will be 50-lines slot games, while the remaining 20% will be concentrated on table casino games.

MEGA888 2021 Will Be Collaborating with Big Brands

To build its brand, MEGA888 will be frequently in collaboration with some of the big brands in the market. According to Michael Tan, one of which has long been under negotiation is the crossover with Samsung, which might potentially introduce a new android smartphone model that is specially designed for playing MEGA888.

Besides, it is also working with BOSE, the infamous brand in manufacturing headset to R&D on a special headphone that will allow players to enjoy sound effect to the maximum when playing MEGA888.

If the above collaborations materialise in 2021, I bet all other slot game brands will have little chance to overtake MEGA888 going forward. Therefore, 2021 really marks a really important year for the brand development of MEGA888.



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