MEGA888 is Back!

MEGA888 is Back!

MEGA888 is back?? What?? Are you kidding me? Well, it couldn’t be more real. The infamous slot game brand has resumed its operation since 3rd October 2019, sometime around 8pm.

It was a huge shock to everyone in Malaysia, while most of us thought it has been terminated forever. Honestly, we did not see this coming. Even though we are considered one of the most experienced insiders in the local online slot game industry.

This also leaves us some big question marks. Why did it stop for almost a month and half? and Why did it come back again? Let’s see what we have this time for the fun slot game brand.

The New MEGA888 2020

Lot of people do not know about the new MEGA888 2020. They think it is exactly the same. But it’s not. Only experts can tell some of the differences between the latest version and the previous version.

This also explains why MEGA888 Malaysia shut down its game server in September. They wanted to launch a new game version alongside major restructuring in their gaming system. As we all know they have been using older technology to code for the payout algorithm.

Secondly, they want to apply a much better (easier to win) payout algorithm, amid stiff competition in the local online casino market. We expect to see a much higher winning payout in the year of 2020. Everyone, prepare to win big from MEGA888!

Better Spinning Technology

Save for the above, we have also run some tests on its spinning process. In the previous version, a spinning technology called NT312 has been used to perform its slot game spinning. In the newer version, they have updated to NT315 Turbo, resulting in a faster spinning speed equivalent to 0.0024 second per spin.

This has largely improved the user experience in playing MEGA888 slot game. Besides, it makes a huge difference due to the gigantic amount of number of spins on a daily basis. This also makes MEGA888 stands out from other local slot game brands.


It’s sad to say goodbye to 918KISS given the comeback of MEGA888. Afterall, MEGA888 is still much more popular slot game than the former in Malaysia.

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