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MEGA888 – The Next No.1 Mobile Slot Game in Malaysia

MEGA888 is forecasted to be the next top mobile slot game in Malaysia, after 918KISS. There was a poll, performed by the Malaysian Online Casino Association, to vote for the best mobile slot game in Malaysia. Surprisingly, MEGA888 has won the award for the year of 2020.

So, could we say most of the slot game players will be playing MEGA888 in 2020? Yes, probably. We are told that MEGA888 has already expanded its presence to other South East Asia countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Myanmar. We can see it is now a regional online gambling brand rather than just a local one.

Many working adults also love to play MEGA888, given its convenient user interface that allow players to play even during office hours. You can always choose to turn off your speaker during the game, so your colleagues wouldn’t know that you are playing slot games in your office!

How to Download MEGA888?

Since it is such an interesting mobile slot game, how do you download the game? This is always a very important question to me. As we all know, there is many fake download sites in the internet. which you may easily download the counterfeit MEGA888 game version. What will be the consequences? You can easily lose all your money to the fake operators because they are offering much much lower winning rate compared to the original version.

This is also why we need to teach you how to download MEGA888 properly. You need to go to official download site, then choose which version you want to download. There are Android APK and Apple IOS version. Identify your smartphone model first, then choose the correct game version to download. Do not simply quit during the download process, as it might affect your game installation.

After game installation has been completed, you might need to run a virus scan to make sure there is no trojan or malwares into your smartphone. It is safe and secured if you download from the official download site. However, you phone might be in danger if you are downloading from an unknown download source.

Register a Free VIP MEGA888 Game ID

Some online casino operators might ask you for money in return for a MEGA888 game ID. DO NOT FALL FOR IT! Just bear in mind that it’s always free to get MEGA888 game ID. However, what you normally get outside is the normal game ID. There is also VIP and VVIP game ID that offers much more perks than the normal ID.

So, how do we register for a VIP game ID? It’s very simple. There is only one licensed master agent for MEGA888 – Kapten Cuci. Just go to their customer service representative to express interest that you would like to register for MEGA888, then they will give you a VIP game ID.

There are also many other agents out there, all of which are only giving out normal game ID. This is because their agent account is under normal status. Only the master agent can give VIP game ID.

For VVIP game ID, just go to However, there will be an online interview before you can get the VVIP game ID. This is to make sure that only high level of people only get to play with the VVIP game ID.

Play MEGA888 with Secret Winning Tips!

Once you have downloaded the game, and also got your VVIP game ID, you may now start betting online! It’s almost no-brainer to play MEGA888. I mean, it’s easy to play, and simple to understand. What is difficult is that if you want to win big money from the game.

At, we share a lot of useful tips and online betting strategies from time to time. So, if you really wanna master the skill of playing MEGA888, I suggest you to stick with our blog post to learn more tricks about playing and even hacking MEGA888! Stay tuned!


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