SCR888 3.0 – New SCR888 Slot Game Release 2018

SCR888 3.0 in Talks

Have you heard of SCR888 3.0? This slot game version will be the latest SCR888  (918KISS) version after the SCR888 2.0. We have seen great success in SCR888 1.0 and SCR888 2.0. Many has been wondering if 3.0 is gonna be another game changer once it’s released.

The targeted launching date for 3.0 is not confirmed yet. However, it’s still rumour. We suspect it will probably come into the market during the first quarter of 2018.

It’s not really surprised to have another new slot game version next year. Today, SCR888 Malaysia has grown into an international online mobile slot game brand, especially South East Asia countries. It has set strong footprints in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and also China.

Given massive demand for its mobile slot games, together with stiff competition in the market, SCR888 (918KISS) would need to keep updating its slot game products in order to be competitive enough.

Let us discuss what’s so special about this SCR888 3.0 in the next session.


More Mobile Slot Games Come Into Play

Given high uncertainty about the SCR888 3.0, everything we know about it is PURELY SPECULATION. One thing we know for sure is that more mobile slot games will be released in the 3.0 version. From the SCR888 slot games list we mentioned previously, there are close to 120 slot games available. We expect there will be more than 200 mobile slot games available in the 3.0 version.

Imagine how will it be? SCR888 (918KISS) will then have more slot games than Playtech’s online gambling products in Malaysia, such as Rollex, NewTown (NTC33), LPE88, LeoCity88 and so on. It will certainly become the market leader in the local slot gaming industry.


Higher Stability in Slot Game Server

SCR888 Malaysia has had experienced and dedicated slot game developer team to supports its mobile slot games. Yes, I totally agree that the company has achieved great success in the recent years. However, its slot game server really sucks.

Sometime, players would not be able to enter slot games due to server maintenance or interruption. This would create a very bad impression towards the brand’s stability and integrity. We understand that SCR888 1.0 and SCR888 2.0 are designed on the back of older IT infrastructure. Hence, some of the minor problems are inevitable.

As what we’ve heard about the 3.0 version, everything related to its game server will be significantly upgraded. We think this is gonna help a lot in the SCR888’s business performance. Today, SCR888 (918KISS) generates billions ringgit of betting volume on a daily basis. Any interruption in the game server might cause severe destruction to its business. Therefore, it’s really really important to strengthen its slot game server.


Well, How About the Winning Payout?

Similar to the previous 1.0 and 2.0 version, the 3.0 version will still have the following bonus rewards to its players:

  • SCR888 free credit
  • Free bonus games
  • Free spins
  • SCR888 Red Envelope (Angpow)
  • Lobby jackpots
  • Major jackpots
  • Minor jackpots

Moreover, SCR888 Malaysia will also slightly heighten its winning payout in the 3.0 version, not too much, but easier for players to win. We expect lots of players are gonna make good profits from playing the SCR888 3.0 slot game version.

If everything we speculate above comes into materialization, SCR888 3.0 will definitely be the greatest highlight in the year ahead.

However, you gotta need to download its Android APK version in order to win big. From our past experience, its Android APK version tends to have higher winning payout when a new game version is being released.

I really wish this 3.0 version be released as soon as possible. What say you?



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