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SCR888 is Just So Irresistible

Undoubtedly, no one doesn’t know about SCR888 (918KISS). It’s considered the most popular household slot game in Malaysia nowadays.

I’ve seen people playing the game in lift, restaurants, bus stands, or even in school. People hardly know nothing about SCR888 (918KISS) if they’re real gamblers.

But why? Why is it so popular? It’s just like a new era of the online gambling industry in Malaysia. The success story of SCR888 (918KISS) is no longer a mystery. Just in case you’re clueless, let us take a look at some of the salient points:

  • it’s easy to download
  • it’s available for both Android and iOS operating system
  • winning payout is high, very easy to win
  • custom-made mobile slot games for all Malaysians
  • stable online betting system
  • Long standing track record in the local online gaming industry

Playtech, which used to be the largest monopoly in online gambling industry, has been slowly taken down by SCR888.

Know How for SCR888 Download

Firstly, you gotta learn one thing: SCR888 (918KISS) is merely a mobile version online slot game which is not available in desktop. There is no way you can play SCR888 mobile version in desktop except Android version, where you can download Bluestack that enables Android applications to run on PCs.

Hence, you can play SCR888 slot games as you want regardless of Android or iOS smartphones. For you to download SCR888 mobile version properly, you gotta download from verified sources. Why said so?

There are many imitated SCR888 (918KISS) products in the market, trying to steal players from the original one. They have even fake download sites to create an illusion that players are engaging with the real SCR888. Apparently that’s not true.

You may get all verified SCR888 download links from Make sure you’re using mobile device to access these links, otherwise it won’t work.

Follow the download guideline and do it step by step. Steps to download are different between Android and iOS version. Make sure you’re following the right one.

Worrying about not getting updated if there is any new dispatch for the games? No worries, the good part about SCR888 is that it has automatic update features everytime you login to its games. All updates will be completed automatically.

Before you finish this session, we’ve sorted out a summarized download tutorial for your reference. For more graphical illustration, please read this post.

SCR888 iOS Download Tutorial

  1. Launch Safari in your iPhone
  2. Select iOS version to download
  3. Confirm to install for SCR888 game application
  4. Launch Setting icon in your iPhone
  5. Go to General
  6. Go to Device Management
  7. Trust “All Continental Trading Sdn Bhd”
  8. Download complete

SCR888 Android Download Tutorial

  1. Go to verified SCR888 download link
  2. Select Android version to download
  3. Confirm to install for SCR888 game application
  4. Download complete

Interesting SCR888 Slot Games that You Can Play

Most of its games are exactly the same as those in Playtech. Of course, SCR888 slot games are designed in such a way that every players would find it highly easy to play.

One of the best things about SCR888 is its user-friendly slot gaming layout. Everything has been optimized within your mobile screen. It has completely changed typical mindset of the major crowd in Malaysia: mobile slot game has limited screensize to play.

Without further ado, here’s the full list of all SCR888 mobile slot games:

  1. Robin Hood
  2. Ocean King
  3. Da Sheng Nao Hai
  4. Li Kui Pi Yu
  5. Fishing Star
  6. Roulette
  7. Roulette 24
  8. Roulette 12
  9. Roulette 73
  10. The Bull
  11. Dragon Tiger
  12. Belangkai
  13. Sicbo
  14. Hulu Cock
  15. Baccarat
  16. Blackjack
  17. Hold’em
  18. Casino War
  19. Poker Three
  20. Single Pick
  21. Thunderbolt
  22. King Derby
  23. Motorbike
  24. Alice
  25. African Wildlife
  26. Seasons
  27. Laura
  28. Pirate
  29. Amazon
  30. Aladdin
  31. Ocean Paradise
  32. Pan Jin Lian
  33. Magical Spin
  34. Pirate Ship
  35. Halloween Party
  36. Cookie Pop
  37. Shining Stars
  38. Fairy Garden
  39. Stone Age
  40. Western Ranch
  41. Money Fever
  42. Treasure Island
  43. Golden Tree
  44. Ranch Story
  45. Sea World
  46. Circus
  47. Feng Shen
  48. Three Kingdoms
  49. Water Margin
  50. God of Wealth
  51. Five Dragon
  52. Wealth
  53. Aztec
  54. Crystal
  55. Garden
  56. Green Light
  57. Victory
  58. Dragon Gold
  59. Tally Ho
  60. Fortune
  61. Orient
  62. Rally
  63. Boy King
  64. Dragon
  65. Sea Captain
  66. Coyote Cash
  67. T-Rex
  68. Fashion
  69. Pay Dirt
  70. Fame
  71. Big Shot
  72. Cleopatra
  73. Twister
  74. Girls
  75. Golden Slut
  76. Emperor Gate
  77. Iceland
  78. Japan
  79. Boxing
  80. Panda
  81. India
  82. Wild Fox
  83. Golden Lotus
  84. Prosperity
  85. Wong Choy
  86. Highway Kings
  87. Zhao Cai Jin Bao
  88. Great Stars
  89. Kimochi
  90. Nian Nian You Yu
  91. Captain’s Treasure
  92. Spartan
  93. Silver
  94. Panther Moon
  95. Safari Heat
  96. Thai Paradise
  97. Bonus Bears
  98. Cherry Love
  99. Great Blue
  100. Irish Luck
  101. The Discovery
  102. Spartan
  103. Fruit
  104. Golden Tour
  105. A Night Out
  106. Samurai
  107. Dolphin Reef
  108. Reel Classic
  109. Crazy 7
  110. Monkey Slots
  111. Ball Slots
  112. Monkey Story Plus (Wukong)
  113. Battle World (Wukong 2)
  114. Racing Car
  115. Pokemon
  116. Apple Machine
  117. Forest Dance
  118. Shark
  119. Phoenix

Have you found your favourite slot games from the above yet? SCR888 (918KISS) itself does update new slot game from time to time on a regular basis. More and more popular slot games will be introduced to players under its platform.

Do not forget the fact that it has really really high winning payout that could possibly make you rich overnight. So, who care what game being played?

How to Claim SCR888 Free Credit?

Lots of people in Malaysia fancy SCR888 free credit. Given the fact that SCR888  (918KISS) has relatively high winning payout, playing with free credit seems to be a great offer to win big from the games.

Some of the online betting sites offer free credit, from RM5 to RM20 depending on their promotional event. Of course, this comes with cost. Here’s some of the actions you must complete before getting SCR888 free credit:

  1. Like, share, or hashtag for the online betting site’s Facebook page
  2. Add their WeChat accounts
  3. Follow their WeChat official accounts
  4. Refer a friend to join the online betting sites
  5. Do nothing, and the online betting site will just give you free credit

There used to be an official site for SCR888 free credit: Unfortunately, it seems to be already blocked by the local authority when we checked on the site yesterday. Well, you might need to do more research on online betting sites that offer free credit.

What are the advantages of playing slot games with free credit? You will definitely stand higher chance to win big from the games. Why is that so?

Imagine that you’re playing with no cost. What will happen if you lose all credit? Basically you lose nothing. There is no real money involved.

What if you strike free bonus games or even PROGRESSIVE JACKPOTS? Congratulations, you will then receive real money with no cost at all! This is how you maximize your winning rate over the span in playing slot games.

Keep in mind that online betting sites would not allow you to easily withdraw if you’re playing with free credit. They would still need to protect their own interests, wouldn’t they?

There are terms and conditions being stipulated upfront before withdrawal can be made. Please note that you need to achieve those requirements before you can get the winnings out of no cost.

Anyway, you still pay nothing at all, right?


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