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SCR888 is the most established online casino in Malaysia. With its high payouts in the free spins bonus feature, an average player at SCR888 makes about RM1,500 per session while playing at SCR888. You can get SCR888 from online casino Malaysia and we’ll teach you step by step how to get it. But first, here are some advantages of playing at SCR888 (918KISS).

Your Game History Gets Recorded

Whether you are playing SCR888 (918KISS) on your tablet, or iPhone or on your smartphones, the game stats get recorded as and when you play them. SCR888 boast of a reliable computerized system that saves all your data while you are playing.


You Have Access To SCR888 All The Time

Do you get bored at your workstation or while traveling from one place to another? You can seek respite from the boredom through the SCR888 slot games. Gone are the days when you would have to step inside a casino or club to quench your casino playing addiction. With SCR888 (918KISS) betting paving its way into our everyday world through the internet, you can play on the go and not just when you are inside a casino.


More Focus On The Game And Less Distraction

Casinos are an extremely glamorous place to be. The glamour segment is upped by gorgeous looking girls in lovely dresses and high heels and men looking sharp in their suits. This glitzy world often serves as a distraction for you and your focus towards the game is affected. In case you are playing the games online, then the distraction is less because it is just you and the gadget where you are playing the games.


Where Do You Register For SCR888?

You can register as a member at online casino and then download the SCR888 app into your mobile phone. Here’s what you need to do to register as a member.

  • Go to online casino homepage
  • Click on Join Now at the top right of the page
  • Fill in your details and submit

It’s just three easy and simple steps to register as a member at online casino. If you are facing any issues, please feel free to contact SCR888 Malaysia.


How To Download The SCR888 App?

You can download the SCR888 app at online casino. Just follow the steps below and you’re good to go.

  • Go to online casino
  • Click on SCR888 (it’s between Home and Live Casino)
  • Click on Download in the middle of the page
  • Select your mobile phone operating system or follow the instructions given in the new tab

It’s that easy. Just four simple steps to download the SCR888 app. Once you are done, you will be able to see the SCR888 app on your mobile phone. Just remember to log into your SCR888 account through the app to set a new password.


How To Make RM12,000 Per Week?

This is not an easy task but with determination and discipline, you will definitely make it. First, make sure you have at least RM500 in your bankroll. Let’s get started with profiting from that RM500 of yours. Select the SCR888 Great Blue slot game and enter. Above the Info button, there will be the Click To Change button. Please make sure you change it to RM0.05. At the Lines section, set it to 25 lines. At the Bet Per Line section, set it to Line Bet RM0.50. Finally, make sure your total bet is RM12.50. This means that you will be playing for RM12.50 per spin. Now, you can start playing and wait for the free spin bonus round to pop up. It will appear after 5-10 minutes of playing SCR888 Great Blue.

You automatically win 8 free spins with x2 multiplier as you enter the bonus round. Once you enter the free spin bonus round, there will be 5 shells for you to choose from. Make sure you pick the top left corner shell and the bottom right shell. Usually, these two picks will be the best pick which will give you an additional 15 free spins in your bonus round for one of the shell and in another shell will be the x8 multiplier. This free spin bonus round will roughly help you make about RM2,000 and with the balance in your bankroll, you should have about RM2,300 as your total balance. Your total gaming session will take up about an hour until you reach the RM2,300 mark. Just play SCR888 Great Blue for an hour a day and you will reach RM12,000 in six days.


What’s SCR888 Great Blue?

SCR888 Great Blue is an aquatic slot game with a fun theme and plenty of exciting payouts. Its crysta­l-c­lea­r sounds and splashing animations are even reminiscent of some of the finest slot games. This game is available at SCR888. If these underwater creatures are kind to you in the free spins bonus round, be sure to bet with a bigger amount.


SCR888 Great Blue

As far as slot games go, SCR888 Great Blue is simple to understand. Players can make their bet by first selecting their bet size. This ranges from just RM0.01 up to RM5, giving slot lovers with all sorts of bankrolls the perfect opportunity to bet. This slot game features stacked Wild whales, and in order to reap the most from these lucky symbols, players should bet on all 25 lines. Nonetheless, you can adjust this amount as you see fit. Finally, choose how much credit to bet per line. Start betting at the selected amount by hitting Spin, or bet on all 25 lines at RM0.10 per line by hitting Max Bet.



So what are you waiting for? This technique has already been proven by some of our readers on here. It’s not that easy but like I said, with a great amount of determination and discipline, you will definitely make this RM12,000 with a breeze. The capital that you need to start with is low and it’s not really time-consuming. Just an hour a day for six days and there you have it. If you don’t know how to get SCR888 (918KISS), we even provided you with a guide on how you can get it. Just register as a member at online casino then download it from the same site and you can start playing. Good luck and have fun!


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