What Mobile Slot Games to Play in SCR888?

Feeling lost about what mobile slot games to play in SCR888 (918KISS)? This is quite common to most of the SCR888 players. Just because there are too many slot games for choices, some might probably get lost when it comes to selection. Don’t worry, we will guide you which slot games are the most popular, or possibly easiest-to-win to maximize your profits.

Of course we’re not from SCR888 (918KISS) company, but just a bunch of experienced and professional punters making a living through online gambling. For charitable, we’ve decided to publicized all our tips and tricks since long time ago. Let’s check it out now.

10. Highway Kings

SCR888 Highway Kings

Yes, it’s one of the oldest mobile slot games that you can find in Malaysia. Its gaming layout seems a bit too simple, yet many people love to spend their time playing this game. Given long operating history in the past, people perceive Highway Kings as a safe, secured, and trustworthy mobile slot game. Despite there is only 9 lines available without free bonus games, its simplicity and transparency are the reasons why millions of slot game players like to play this game all around the world.

9. Wukong

SCR888 Wukong

As designed by the Taiwanese IGS, Wukong is one of the most popular household slot games in Malaysia. Different from the traditional mobile slot games, Wukong used to be a multiplayer arcade game based in illegal gambling dens. Alongside continuous advancement in terms of mobile technology, some skilled game developers started to design this game in mobile layout.

Now, you can actually play Wukong in either your Android or iOS smartphones. What’s the difference between its mobile version and arcade machine version? Of course, there is no crown surrounding you when you play the game. While some people like to gamble with the crowd, some people would rather play quietly at home. Other than this, there is not much difference between mobile version and the original version.

Some say it’s much easier to win from Wukong mobile version. Is that true? The game developer itself has not made any official statement against this rumours. It could be you who would reveal the dark secrets about tips and tricks to win big from Wukong!

8. Captain’s Treasure

SCR888 Captain Treasure

Similar to Highway Kings, Captain’s Treasure has adopted 9 reels spinning structure in its gaming layout. Simple, but it’s so much fun to play in Captain’s Treasure. It was originated from Playtech, which is in turn the largest mobile slot games supplier in the world. Back then, its winning payout was only sufficient to preserve your capital. It has become so much easier to win big after they built this game in the SCR888 (918KISS) version.

What’s the secret to win big from Captain’s Treasure? Bet small, bet longer. What does that mean? Do not try to bet big during each spin. Lower down your bet per spin at the beginning. Then you would start to see growing payout from the slot engine machine. Only increase your bet per spin alongside increasing payout from the game. This is one of the proven tactics to maximize your online gambling profits in Captain’s Treasure.

7. Great Blue

SCR888 Great Blue

Quite different from the above, Great Blue has a 20-lines spinning structure. It has free bonus mini game as well. When you strike 3 pearls at one time, you will get to enter its free bonus games. What you can expect from its free bonus games? Free spins plus multipliers. That’s how people usually earn money from Great Blue.

Wanna talk about tips to win? Although this has not been proven yet, it’s said that you can actually win more by using Android APK smartphone to play Great Blue. As we all know, Android and iOS are two completely different mobile operating system. Most of the slot game players in Malaysia use Android mobile operating system to play slot games. The reason behind could be the different logic or algorithms used to design the slot game between Android and iOS version.

6. Dolphin Reef

SCR888 Dolphin Reef

Another success mobile slot games developed by Playtech, Dolphin Reef is so much demanded by the local players due to its mature winning payout structure. It’s rare to hear people complaining about this game as its payout structure is highly stable. Players have high confidence towards Dolphin Reef given its long established operating history.

As opposed to Great Blue, people say it’s better to use play Dolphin Reef in iOS version. Its winning payout seems to be higher in iOS version. Unfortunately, some of the slot game providers do not have iOS version for their online gambling platform. The good news is, SCR888 (918KISS) does provide safe and secured iOS mobile gaming version to cater for players’ needs.

5. Cherry Love

SCR888 Cherry Love

You can find this game in most of the mobile slot gaming big brands, such as 918KISS, SCR888, LPE88, NTC33, Rollex, etc. Frankly speaking, we do not have much experience of winning big from this game. However, it appears to be one of the easiest-to-win mobile slot games based on our statistical report. We have run several full test on this game. The reported result seems to be promising.

4. Fong Shen

Developed by the Taiwanese, Fong Shen is one of the most played mobile slot games in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It was first introduced to the Malaysian online casino market about two years ago. With increasing popularity in Fong Shen, SCR888 has soon offered this game under its mobile slot game series.

Using Chinese ancient legendary characters as slot game symbols, Fong Shen is considered the only one of its kinds in the local online casino market. Despite having as much as 50 reels (people usually think it’s harden to strike bonus games), its winning payout is extraordinarily high, at least 20% higher than those traditional mobile slot games.

3. Three Kingdoms

SCR888 Three Kingdoms

Another Chinese mobile slot games designed by the Taiwanese, Three Kingdoms has slowly become the most played slot games in Malaysia. We’re told that one of the useful tips to constantly win from this game is to maximize your bet per spin. Choose to bet max whenever you can. Once you have secured about 4 to 5 times of your start-up capital, you may consider to stop playing as it might not continue to pay as much as before.

2. Ocean Kings

SCR888 Ocean Kings

There are few types of multiplayer fishing games in SCR888, all of which are said to have the highest winning payout in SCR888. Be it Android or iOS version, you can always win from these games. But why is that so? I believe nobody can tell you the reason. From our guess, it could be the possibility that Ocean Kings is the game that SCR888 uses to push its market. Maybe this is the reason why its winning payout is always so high.

1. Monkey Thunderbolt

SCR888 Monkey Thunderbolt

Yes, the most legendary mobile slot games ever in Malaysia! I believe nobody does not know what is Monkey Thunderbolt. It’s especially favored by the largest population group in Malaysia – Malay. Due to its simple yet interesting slot game design, many people get to understand and play this game easily.

There was once most of the online casino operators prohibited players from playing this game as it compensates too much, way above the average payout ratio. SCR888 has also received countless of complaints from its online casino agents, then making adjustments accordingly. Despite that, Monkey Thunderbolt is still considered the easiest-to-win mobile slot games in SCR888. What are you waiting for? Play now to get your money!

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