SCR888 Remains the Most Popular Mobile Slot Game in Malaysia

Moving forward towards the end of 2017, it’s very important to have a quick tour on some of the mobile slot games in Malaysia. As of today, SCR888 (918KISS) remains the most played mobile slot games locally. Hence, it’s really inappropriate if you have no clue how to win from SCR888 (918KISS).

In this post, we’re gonna share with you some of the secret SCR888 (918KISS) winning tips.

Secret SCR888 Winning Tips?

There are many rumours about how to win big from SCR888 slot games. Some of them are real, but some of them are merely fake tricks. So, you gotta learn SCR888 (918KISS) winning tips from the most reliable source, which is, the official download link for SCR888 slot games.

You must be wondering by now: how to actually constantly win from its games? First of all, I need to ask, are you playing the original SCR888 game version? There are some imitated SCR888 slot games in the market, for example, SCR888 2.0 and SCR888 3.0.

You need to really make sure you’re playing the original version. This is because original game version comes with extraordinary high winning rate than pirated ones. Over longer term, you would find it’s actually harder to reap profits from SCR888 2.0 and SCR888 3.0.

Secondly, wisely pick what kind of slot games you wanna focus on. Top slot games in SCR888 change from time to time. It’s important to find out what are the top slot games lately.

In December 2017, we suspect Highway Kings and Wukong will be the easiest-to-win slot games of all. How do we know? We’ve done a thorough analysis based on data in the past several months. Our quantitative analysis shows that these two games carry the largest potential to be the top slot games in December of 2017.

Hence, we suggest you to just focus on these two games. It might bring huge fortune to you. How about other slot games? In general, winning rate could be much lower for other slot games compared with the previous months. But why?

I bet some of you are aware that illegal gambling dens are all being shut down since September. The reason behind that could be vast unknown political factors. The important part is, SCR888 (918KISS) is now monopolizing the entire online gambling market in Malaysia. Before that, It had already close to 80% shares of the online casino market. Now it has probably 90% shares of the entire gambling industry within local space.

Save for the above, how do I bet to maximize the winning potential in SCR888? It’s very simple. Neither too big nor too small. Bet per spin amounting to RM50-RM100 should be the optimized level. Betting too big might result in losing your capital too fast. On the other hand, betting too small is harder to trigger its free bonus distribution mechanism. Thus you’re advised to follow our bet per spin guideline to increase your winning chance.

We hope you could gain some useful insights from the above and win big in December 2017. Good luck and enjoy the game!

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